Bitcoin is for everyone

Many people are excluded from the financial system. A quarter of adults don’t even have access to a bank account.

Unlike the financial system, cash doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can use it. But cash is only useful for in-person exchange, and even in these situations it is becoming less widely accepted.

To transact without cash, either in person or remotely, you need to have bank accounts, payment cards and suchlike. Or you can use Bitcoin.

Bitcoin doesn’t care who or where you are. It doesn’t care whether you’re rich or poor, sinner or saint.

It doesn’t care because it doesn’t know. It is designed not to know. It cannot know names, addresses, dates of birth, employment histories or credit scores. All it knows are public network addresses and the private keys which control them.

No-one has any more or any less right than anyone else to use Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is financial inclusion.

Bitcoin is for everyone.